Our suburb is at risk from developers

Appeal to the Planning and Environment Court

On 1 December, TriCare lodged an appeal against the Brisbane City Council’s refusal of its development application. You can read the notice of appeal here

On 12 December, the Brisbane City Council lodged an appearance in response to TriCare’s appeal.  You can observe the progress of the appeal by monitoring this site  A directions hearing will be scheduled in the new year at which the court will issue a directions order outlining the steps that parties must take and time frames for doing so.

TriCare’s application refused by Council

Cr Julian Simmonds wrote to Protect Taringa on 10 November to inform us that following strong representations from the local community, the assessing council officers had refused TriCare’s development application. A copy of Cr Simmonds’ letter can be viewed here.  The council’s refusal can be read here

TriCare’s re-submitted application

On 30 October, Tricare submitted a new proposal to develop the land on the former Sullivan Nicolaides’ site at 52 Seven Oaks Street. TriCare  submitted a revised design of a scale, bulk and height (16, 12 & 8 storeys) that remained incompatible with the character of Taringa.  You can view TriCare’s revised development application here

TriCare’s plan does not tell the real story

Average high-rise buildings are 2.7 – 3.0m floor-to-floor.  TriCare’s buildings floor-to-floor are:

  • Buildings 1 and 2 = 3.5m floor-to-floor
  • Building 3 = 3.8m floor-to-floor

Based on standard floor-to-floor measurements, TriCare’s towers measure 12, 17 and 22 storeys!  View the plan.

Cr Simmonds expects one to three storeys!

At our community meeting in August, Councillor Julian Simmonds said the area surrounding the TriCare Taringa site is defined by one to three storeys and that’s what the council expects. It’s what we expect too. View the video here

It is disappointing that TriCare has chosen to ignore our community’s considered and reasonable feedback.  Please keep submitting objections. It’s only through maintaining pressure that we will achieve a good outcome.  Find out how to submit an objection here

Best-practice care for our elderly: community meeting

Taringa resident John Mayze speaks at our community meeting of 13 Aug 2017 (video by Paul Mayze)

TriCare’s proposed re-design for 52 Seven Oaks Street site overlaid on a Google map image of Taringa, demonstrating its failure to reduce the bulk, scale and height of the development to be compatible with the low-medium and medium density development in proximity to the site.

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The location of the development at 52 Seven Oaks Street

Location of TriCare’s proposed development

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