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It’s just a tree!

by Professor Darryl Jones There is a Queensland Kauri (Agathis robusta), also known as Kauri Pine or Smooth-barked Kauri, growing conspicuously at the Seven Oaks Street site in Taringa. It is a genuine treasure, of unmeasurable importance and value to people, and to a huge variety of wild creatures that live nearby or occasionally visit. […]

What people with dementia want from residential care homes

By Kate Swaffer Kate Swaffer explains what people with dementia want from residential care, based on her own experience living with younger onset dementia, as a past care partner advocating for and supporting three people with dementia in residential care, and from feedback she’s gathered during focus groups and interviews with people with dementia around […]

‘Favours for mates’ rife in Queensland planning

By Dr Cameron Murray Town planning systems should coordinate our city development in the public interest, guiding development in socially desirable ways; ways which have been established through decades of research and analysis of the world’s most functional, attractive, and popular cities. Often, these systems are run for the economic interests of political mates, who use […]


By Dr Pat Godbolt As a long-time resident of Taringa, I am aware of the need for aged-care facilities within our community and I welcome the use of the Seven Oaks Street site for this purpose. I worked for many years as a health practitioner in general medicine, and one thing I learnt was that […]

Architecture that nurtures, not neglects

Architecture that nurtures, not neglects By Lester Ehrlich One mark of good architecture is fitness for purpose. Another marker is whether a building is a thing of beauty. As a long-time resident of Taringa and a practising architect, I am appalled by TriCare’s proposed design for an aged-care facility at Seven Oaks Street, Taringa. In […]