How we objected

To object, you need to write a letter outlining why you object to the proposed development.

Word template

You can download this Word template to craft your letter.

Create your own

Create your own letter following the instructions below.

At the start of your letter, please include the following: 

Re: Development Application for Residential Care Facility and Retirement Facility over land situated at 52 Seven Oaks Street, Taringa: DA Ref: A004685563 

I am writing to object to the above development application lodged by Tricare Pty Ltd over land situated at 52 Seven Oaks Street, Taringa.

At the end of your letter, please state that ‘I object to the proposed development for the reasons outlined above and I urge the council to refuse this application.’ Make sure you sign your letter.

Here are some points you could include in the body of your letter:

  • More than 800 submissions have been made. Tricare has ignored these, demonstrating it is not prepared to meet community expectations.
  • TriCare’s proposal remains out of step with community expectations for the site, and the amended heights are inconsequential and are still not in keeping with the character of the surrounding area.
  • TriCare’s submission does not in any way adequately address the important issues raised in the Brisbane City Council’s Information Request of 9 August 2017.
  • TriCare has failed to reduce the overall bulk, scale and height of the development to be compatible with the low-medium and medium density development in proximity to the site.
  • TriCare’s revised proposal has not been designed to transition sensitively to surrounding existing residential uses.
  • TriCare has failed to amend the proposal layout and reduce the scale of the development footprint to ensure the retention and protection of the two significant landscape trees in compliance with AO1 of the Significant landscape tree overlay code.
  • The traffic report submitted is inaccurate and contains selectively undertaken data on days that are not reflective of the real traffic impacts that will occur. The comparative analysis with a previous use is irrelevant.
  • The revised design fails to meet TriCare’s corporate social responsibility to respond meaningfully to the Taringa community’s reasonable and evidence-based objections to TriCare’s original application.
  • TriCare’s proposal still fails to demonstrate what all available evidence tells us is best-practice facility design for our elderly, which should reflect a home-like environment and the shift away from institutionalised structures which can intimidate residents and cause confusion.
  • TriCare’s revised design fails to consider residents with dementia who need access to areas for wandering, outdoor green spaces, and places for quiet reflection, as well as safe, secure grounds.

How to lodge an objection

  • Each person must make a separate submission, as multiple parties on a single letter are counted as a single objection.
  • Friends and family members who do not live at your address can submit their own objections separately.
  • You can submit as many objections as you like. The more, the better.
  • We have no right of appeal so this is our one and only chance.

How to submit your objection

Submit an objection to council online here:

(Click on ‘Lodge submission’)

Or via post:

The Assessment Manager
Brisbane City Council
Development Services
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane QLD 4001