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Best-practice care for our elderly: community meeting

Taringa resident John Mayze speaks at our community meeting of 13 Aug 2017 (video by Paul Mayze)

Taringa residents talk about their concerns for their neighbourhood

Local residents Pat Godbolt and Kay Hogan share their concerns about what the TriCare towers will mean for Taringa (video by Paul Mayze).

When you house elderly people in a tower, what happens in a fire?

Registered Nurse Juleen Mayze describes what could happen when evacuating elderly residents from a tower in a fire (video by Jim Henry).

Today versus tomorrow: how the towers will destroy Taringa

A local resident’s view of what makes Taringa special now and how it will be ruined by TriCare’s towers (by John Mayze)

Overview of our community meeting on 13 August 2017

Hear from some of our speakers at our community meeting of 13 Aug 2017 (video by Jim Henry)

ABC TV News report on the proposed TriCare towers for Taringa: 31 July 2017

The ABC’s Lexy Hamilton-Smith reports on how a towering high-rise aged care development proposed in Taringa is prompting debate about how high is too high.