Why we objected

The Brisbane City Council deemed this development ‘code assessable’ despite its immense impacts on the local community.  Code-assessable applications are fast-tracked and assessed against codes identified in the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

This development application did not require public notification and residents have no right of appeal!

On 9 August, the Brisbane City Council wrote to TriCare asking them to re-submit their design.

On 30 October, TriCare re-submitted its design. Despite the community submitting more than 800 objections, Tricare ignored these.  TriCare still plans to build three towers of 16, 12 and 8 storeys, and still intends to destroy the protected trees on the site. Their new proposal fails to meet community expectations. Specifically:

  • TriCare’s proposal remains out of step with community expectations for the site, and the amended heights are inconsequential and are still not in keeping with the character of the surrounding area.
  • TriCare’s submission does not in any way adequately address the important issues raised in the Brisbane City Council’s Information Request of 9 August 2017.
  • TriCare has failed to reduce the overall bulk, scale and height of the development to be compatible with the low-medium and medium density development in proximity to the site.

Find out what people said

You can view many residents’ concerns on the council website where submissions are listed here.